Is 30 our Expiry Date?

I just had to do this. You 20-somethings…. ha ha..if only you knew. Ah..there I am, being the naggy wise ol aunty..again!

I just had to do this. For her. I don’t personally know her…but what the heck? Not like I personally know each and every blogger I read, eh?

1. Is it seriously over-rated and anti-climatic?

Yes to over-rated,

No! to anti-climatic, there’s something wonderous about being 30-something. You’ll get the “Ah..what do they know..phish…they’re still so young”..

2. Did you go crazy – get a tattoo, cut all your hair, bungee jump, and skydive before turning 30?

Tattoo – Yes. And will be getting more! Being pass 30, won’t stop me!

Cut all my hair – Phish..who hasn’t! Cut, perm, straightened, cut, cut, cut…. It’s hair, it’ll all grow back. Even the armpit bulu – wish it didn’t tho!

Bungee jump – Of course… it’s not as scary as it looks.

Skydive – Love to..but the price was too heavy to bear then…

3. What FINALLY made you FEEL 30?

When I went, “Ahh..what do they know….Phish, they’re still so young”.

4. How has your attitude changed after turning 30?

You somehow get a little (just a little) wiser and happier with your true self. Really. Can’t wait for 40.. Ha ha ha…

5. Should 20-somethings just get over it and save the brain cells for something more important?

Nah..why bother. Let them do what they do best….. frying their brain cells. When they turn 30, they’ll try very hard to salvage all of them.


Somehow, I truly believe that turning 30 made me love myself more. I am more sure of myself, than I was at 20-something. I was brazen and gung-ho at 20-something, which is a good thing…….

But, 30-something, I’m more laid-back and easily comforted by the simple things around me. I find within myself, I have a quiet confidence. A quiet confidence. It’s nice.

I can’t wait for 40 and 50 and 60…and that’s it. I’d rather die than become a crinkly old woman even a crinkle chip can’t compete for crisp-ness!

So..Karen, embrace the’ll have a wonderful wonderful time!

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