Being Lazy

by mott on October 25, 2014

Sometimes, I wonder… is it so bad, being lazy? Well, for one, I can’t be lazy. I can be lazy for half a day, but to be lazy all the time would be impossible.

Just that lately, I’ve been doing so much, I wonder… how bad can it be, if I just dropped everything and not do anything.

What would I do with all my time?


Read a book or ten?

Cook more? Or at least, look for new things to cook and try?


Wait wait wait..those are not lazy things people do. They are things people do to relax or actually considered chores.

Ok. What do really lazy people do?

Play video games/Watch TV all day

Laze around and not cook

It was hard to type them out for some reason. And I can’t think of any lazy things to do. Is that all lazy people do?

What’s wrong with me?

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Having been in the business, as a seller and buyer.. here’s my sure fire way to ensuring you win at eBay!

1. Include your contact number

I cannot stress this enough, especially since if there are any problems with your order, at least the seller can directly contact you (after trying to reach you via eBay messages, which you never check) and update you on the order. There have been numerous cases, where delays could have been easily avoided simply when you have included in your most accurate contact details.

2. Include an email address that you check on a daily basis

Again, another no-brainer, but trust me, so few get this right. They most often, send in an obscure email address that they never check, because they have this fear that we will farm out their details. WE NEVER FARM OUT YOUR DETAILS, IT IS AGAINST THE eBAY POLICIES! This helps also if your eBay account is linked to your most used email account. Please please please!

3.Ensure that your mailing address actually exists.

Invalid postcodes or incorrect suburbs DOES NOT HELP YOU AT ALL! Don’t go blaming sellers for not sending it. Even your own postie will kill you for getting it wrong. Remember there is a food chain… be kind to them all!

4. Be nice. Not that jerk and a half.

Remember, there are actually people, live human beings, that actually pack your stuff, print/write out your address, and yes, they do occasionally do stuff up because WE ARE HUMAN! There is such thing as human error. IF you see the seller’s rating as 99.5%, there is a .5% chance of your order being stuffed up. And if it is stuffed up, a good majority of sellers WILL HONOR and complete the transaction. Don’t be a jerk and a half and tell them how it affected your day.

And the last tip is for sellers,

5. Always be professional and polite in your responses.

Please please please, even if the buyer is a jerk and a half, and wants you to grovel for forgiveness, just remain professional and polite. Courtesy cannot be given a higher place. No, you do not deserve to be treated this way, but if you go down to their level, then you’re no better. So give a big pat on your back for being that eBay pro.

Thank you.

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Kindness begets kindness

September 15, 2014

In this world, one never expects anything out of being kind. But, today.. the unexpected happened. So, I was on the road. I was recalling what I wrote in my earlier post. You know.. Be Kind, Rewind? Well, one of it was to just be courteous on the road. And I decided to to be. [...]

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Be Kind, Rewind

September 13, 2014

And rewind the kindness, as in do it again and again and again and again. Expect nothing in return, except to say – pay it forward. Did you know that kindness can increase your level of happiness. And I’m not talking about being the receiving end. More often it’s the giving end, that receives more [...]

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Warming up a home

September 13, 2014

Recently, was invited to a house-warming. Well, in all house-warmings, the house is always so immaculate! The hostess always takes great care, in showcasing their homes, and of course, sharing about how their sofa cushion from here were also available elsewhere! I often try so hard to keep their homes crumb-free, because its a new [...]

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13 years

September 11, 2014

13 years ago, this very day, I remember covering my mouth, in horror. It wasn’t a movie. It was CNN. I had to change channels as if to double check if it was a movie. A very terrible movie. Scenes of people running into a bridge, traffic at standstill.. truly the word “Armageddon” kept flashing [...]

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Tummy aching

July 17, 2014

Sorry to bore you with my tummy troubles. But of late, the tummy has been very achy. I’m not exactly sure what it is..but it is just this gripping pain. may be gas. But over a few days already? I know I was eating alot the past two weeks, but I’ve been a really [...]

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Of _________ Reasons

July 17, 2014

It’s odd, that there are some parents out there who don’t let their kids go for camp, because of ______ reasons. I leave it to you to fill in the blanks, but it is pretty obvious. I know that there are even some kids with special needs that are allowed to go to camp, with [...]

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The unfortunate day

July 17, 2014

Sometimes, days really don’t go to plan. Not that I have plans. But, when you do… and when it doesn’t go to plan, one really feels let down. Was it because it wasn’t accomplished? Or..? Well, problem is sometimes there are things beyond our control, that we just cannot plan for. We give leeway for [...]

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July 12, 2014

I’m an Aunty yet again! And this time I did get to see my lil niece fresh out from the oven. It didn’t help that her own daddy didn’t even recognise her in the nursery and pointed out a totally different baby to me, claiming he was sure that was her. I wasn’t so sure, [...]

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