Grab me a ccGenie now!

by mott on April 21, 2014

Every year, I seem to think my life is busy. And every year, it gets busier. For some unbeknown reason, I seem to enjoy piling up things on top of each other. I seem to enjoy taking up the challenge of adding more to my day.

I seem to be not of sound mind.


And here’s the thing… I don’t have alot of email address. I should, right? But I have always felt that if I had more than 2 mind would just go bust with all the emails flying around. So, I keep with just two. And yet…. the emails just piled up. First email has 5172 unread emails. Second email has.. *drumroll please* .let’s have a look right now.. . wow.. ok. did not expect this… 10,333 emails, and counting.

Officially, crazy.

It’s not that I’m a serial email address leaver.. I don’t like leaving my emails in contact lists and all, but yet… I have never found the time to open all these emails and worse yet, I have never had the time to organise my emails.

Here’s what I do:

1) Mom – so, I am the gardener, cook, cleaner, driver, seamstress, homework aider, last minute whatevermaker,

2) Volunteer – in 2 different organisations and in 3 different roles.

3) Work – in 2 different sub-industries

4) Wife – ahem.

As it is.. sometimes, I find it hard to remember who I really am.

In comes a ccGenie, where it’s supposed to make my life easier by coordinating my emails (aka digital life) according to the different roles I play.

I do get emails from all kinds. My bosses. My customers. My friends. and then.. all those spam, but gorgeous shopping type spam that I need to check out, so that my eyes get a bit of retail therapy.

So, I’ve signed up with ccGenie, and I liked the layout. Especially the “Conversations”. In most cases, I dread clicking onto the “expand” link as a whole string of emails will appear. But with the “Conversations”, it’s all laid out without the email headings – very conversational-like. Hee hee…

Also, seems easier to locate documents that have been attached to mails. Thanks to the document folder that is clearly marked for me to see.

Now.. I’ve gotten a short tour of it.. I am trialing it with bosses. They are always using social media to keep in contact with me, and asking if I have emailed bla bla bla..hopefully, with this, they’ll be able to see my ‘private’ notes about the behind the scenes work done for customers.. y’know so, we don’t confuse ourselves, with the different pricing strategies that we have right now!

A couple of things that crossed my mind. One of which is how can I uninvited someone…  Especially those on a short term project. I won’t need to deal with them anymore… so, how do I GET RID OF THEM, without them feeling hurt about it. It’s all so sensitive nowadays with technology. Unfortunately, technology doesn’t come with feelings, so anything I do or say on a technological platform, have hurt some feelings. ouch.

The other thing I will have to figure out is, does ccGenie do laundry and cook. hah… too much to ask?

Other than that, it seems pretty straightforward. We’ve hooked up with both the bosses, and it seems to be working really well. Everyone seems to be on board and not criss crossing each other with duplicate and sometimes confusing messages.

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Do you have FOMO?

by mott on April 12, 2014

Who here has FOMO, which stands for Fear Of Missing Out?

Here’s how you know you have FOMO :

1) You constantly scrutinize your friends walls on facebook, checking if they had gone out without you. Woe is them.

2) You constantly check on whatsapp… what’s going on with the friends around you. Woe is them who did not invite you.

3) If you don’t get a reply from your friends, you start stalking them. In a nice way. Woe.

4) If they still don’t respond to you, because you think they are having a ball out there without you, you start getting creepy and crazy-stalk them. Woe is you.

5) You stand back for a minute and think… if you’re doing too much already, but decide you’re not. Woe woe woe.


Please.. please, understand that sometimes, you need to take a break and you can’t dip your fingers everywhere. Just enjoy that peace and quiet that comes so rarely in your life.

Take it. Enjoy it. Breathe it. That’s it.

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Hair and makeup

April 8, 2014

It’s been so stressful lately, that my scalp problem came back with a vengence. You know how stress can manifest physically inside your body and really invades parts of it without you realising it. Unimaginable stress. Unimaginable kelemomo. I can’t remember how you spell it. Unimaginable. Very tire.d Viewed 2003 times by 490 viewers

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The bookmark

March 4, 2014

It’s been a really exhausting day. Not to mention the heat. Draining all the energy faster than before. Just like a phone… you feel you left an app on too long, and all the battery is all gone suddenly. ..and I received the most beautiful bookmark today. I don’t even know who sent it. If [...]

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The Bird Walk

February 28, 2014

Ever since I have been going to my chiro every week, I learn new things. One of the things I learnt is how unbalanced I am. Its true. Stupid weight. ALL YOUR FAULT. Anyway… apparently, I have to stop walking like a duck and start walking like a pigeon now. Do you know how hard [...]

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Bouncy Bouncy

February 28, 2014

I recently got myself a balance ball. I had one more than 12 years ago…. Well, I decided to get one instead of sitting on a chair. It seems kinder to my bum somehow. I do enjoy it… and I get to work on my diastasis recti. Anyway… now, I’m wondering if I should get [...]

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February 28, 2014

Recently the council sold off some properties and made a lot of money. Lots of ratepayers got into the action by providing suggestions on how the funds should be used. One of them asked for swing sets in woodbridge, while others talked about capital assets. But no one talked about the property that was sold. [...]

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Everyone has a story

February 27, 2014

It reallly irks me when someone says “Everyone has a story”, when you are the affected one. If someone disses/pisses you off, it’s because you have a story and they don’t know about it. But, hello? Don’t they have a story as well..and that’s why they are acting all pissy about it? I mean, yea..they [...]

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Banh Mi

February 26, 2014

I love Banh Mi so much. I know. It’s odd. 12 years ago, when I had my first banh mi, it was terrible. I didn’t enjoy it at all. The bread was too chewy and hard. I could never understand why ppl enjoyed banh mi so much. Well.. fast forward to today, I can’t get [...]

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Independent Living

February 26, 2014

No.1 has always told me how he wanted to be by himself. And I’ve always noticed the streak of independence ever since he was a kid. He is quite happy to do things by himself. Get to places on his own. He just liked it. The bittersweet thing is, I just realised there’s only 6 [...]

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