by mott on April 11, 2015

4 words – White man, Tiger mom

This is probably the movie of the year for me. Never was I so moved in a movie before. The drive in Miles Teller’s character, was so intense, that I had to ask myself… where is my drive? I’ve been finding, of late, that I’m often reminiscing. Of choices I have made and decided not to make because of perhaps, timidity or fear.

But here’s the thing, why is it that we can’t have our drive to succeed overtake the fear of failure? This just is bugging me now.

Is this a mid-life crisis? Admittedly, I’ve found a new lease of life… I have actually found a passion that I am working in. I want to improve the lives of others, even though I’ll only be in their lives for a year. If I can make a small difference, now, perhaps this small difference will mean a big impact when they are adults.

The small things in everyday life are no less sacred than the great issues of human existence ~Thomas Moore

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The neverending chapter

by mott on April 11, 2015

Same time last year, I was having it good. Well.. in the home front. It was good, because we had made sure that everything around the house, was fixed up, especially the plumbing. This was to make sure that we didn’t have to suffer another needless storm water damage. The inconvenience was just too much to bear, and yes, I really thought in my mind, that it was done.

Well… now, we fast forward to this moment, and I’ve yet to conclude this storm water damage, simply because the insurer has been extremely slow in responding to my emails. I think, I literally get 2 weeks between each reply. Which really sucks, because I just want this chapter to end…. however which way.

But, it takes two hands to clap, and if one hand refuses to clap..well, not much I can do about it, but wait till it’s ready.

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Cringe-worthy words

March 27, 2015

I recently came across two sentences : 1. On a woman’s shirt, was written a cute sentence : “I’m not 60 Years Old… I am Sweet 16 with 44 years experience” 2. He would make such a good husband. Now, replace that with the opposite gender, and for the first sentence you would have basically [...]

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50% left

March 17, 2015

Well well well.. I’ve left it to this now. Apparently, I only have 50% of space in gmail. I’ve left so many unopened emails, 5k++, not to mention the amount of attachments are in there. My question is… how long more can I have my gmail account before it actually runs out of space. What [...]

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The housewarming gift

March 14, 2015, my Sister-In-Law (SIL) recently purchased a new home together with her beau. Of course, you know what that normally follows.. the obligatory house warming gift. While most people may think it’s a chore to get one, my dear Mr.T went bananas! He absolutely loves shopping and was brimming with ideas on what to get! [...]

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The awkward moment

January 18, 2015

*took a deep breath in .. and held it there* There it was. The moment had come. The awkward moment. Y’know the moment, where you’re there, with your son, watching something on TV (well… on iTunes), and a sex scene comes up. There was absolutely nothing I could do, except to quickly pause it…but by [...]

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The dream kitchen

January 14, 2015

I’m living vicariously! Through a friend, who is building her house, and has free rein on how her kitchen should look. It was such an honour that she had asked how it should look like. I came across this site, and was really excited that I could forward to her all these ideas. Some of [...]

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Je voudrais du cafe, s’il vous plait

January 11, 2015

Merci Erm…. 6 words in french. Not bad, eh? I also know “Je voudrais du vin, s’il vous plait”. But, I don’t really drink vin, so.. may not be so applicable to me. Ah well… Till next time! Au revoir! Viewed 8516 times by 1761 viewers

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True Story : A Murderous Rampage

January 9, 2015

I just finished a very murderous rampage. Between the screams of “DIE! DIE! DIE!” and squeals of “EEEEEEEEEEEEEE”, a true manifest of “Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde” came out of nowhere! I have been planning this for a long time. I gathered all the necessary tools, read up more on the internet. And then some [...]

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Dear Dec 2015

January 1, 2015

By now, you would be a year older. I wonder… what would you have achieved by then? Let’s see.. in 2014, these amazing things happened : 1. I got a job. A proper job that paid me regularly. 2. I got qualified to work. Proper certifications that lifted my game in applying for a job. [...]

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