The mother of all discords

by mott on November 3, 2015

Alas! My father had lamented. What a complete waste!

The cruel irony of being a mother. The wasting of the university degree.

I speak for those, who chose to leave their jobs and careers to focus on their upbringing of their children. And, trust me, I have spoken to many. They are engineers, lawyers, bankers, midwives, doctors, pharmacists…so on and so forth, as the list grows.

Clever human beings, that potential employers seem to think the brains have turned to mush, after 10 years of dealing with said same mush. I find that cruel, repugnant and perplexing. How is that, mothers are not employable within the same industry, after taking some years off to nurture some human beings.

Surely, we have the brain capacity to catch up where we left off? Surely, it’s like riding a bicycle.. one never forgets.

And yet, the mothers I talk to, droop their heads a little, as they talk about pursuing a job that has no relevance to their tertiary accomplishments.

These are clever human beings. Smart. Savvy. Crazy brilliant multi-taskers.

My father was right.

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by mott on November 2, 2015

Well.. I just was watching a vlogger’s new video on being late. As in, late for meetings. With friends.

You would think if one was late for a meeting with good friends, it is excusable.

But, no. I don’ think so. I never liked being late, for anyone whoever they are.

I find it tardy, disorganised and plain rude.

I said it.

Now, I’m not one who easily points fingers and says, “OHHHH! YOU ARE A BAD PERSON! YOU’RE SO LATE!”, because I do get it. There is the traffic to consider. There is also the parking to consider. Then, let’s not forget the time to walk to the meeting point.

I’m ok with 5-15 minutes delay, to take care of all those factors. But, I’m not ok, if you suddenly call and say you will be late, because.. someone just shit in their pants, in the house. Which means, you haven’t even bothered, to leave at a proper time, because that would have meant that someone had shat in their pants in the car, on your way over here.

I’ve had someone shitting all over the room, and I still made it in time. Because I had already had prepared to leave early. When lil Mr shat everywhere (is there such a word, SHAT?), I still had time to clean up (and scream blue murder), and leave with just enough time to get there ON TIME! So, please… don’t use the someone just shat, vomitted, pee-ed or whatever.

And the other thing… when you are late, it’s not only that you are inconsiderate. But you have also stolen time. As you know, time can never be brought back. You have stolen time that you and your friend could have had. Laughs and giggles that would have had happened, if  you were on time.

But, nope. Sorry. That’s gone. Because no friend will be happy to see you when you’re 1/2 hour late, because that means they would have to leave soon.

Excuse the rant.


That’s all.

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Dangerously close

November 2, 2015

Alrighty, all you crazy nutters that are preparing for Christmas since last month. This is for you. Since we are dangerously close to Christmas, although it will be another 7 more weeks to Christmas. I have already started the Thank You Card making already. Not me, but I’ve commissioned a good friend to start making [...]

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October 28, 2015

Where does impatience come from? Let’s consider some of the sources : 1) Hunger – Yes, this pretty much sums up alot of bad grocery shopping decisions. There is just no patience left, when trying to decide if we need pasta or not. If it looks good, it’s in the trolley. 2) Time – Yes, [...]

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My reason for doing what I do

October 27, 2015

Because I want to understand THAT kid better. Because I want to learn from THAT kid. Because I want to see through THAT kid’s eyes. And it’s not been easy. But I’m so glad, that the other kids that I work with, are the kindest souls I’ve ever known. It makes it easier. A whole [...]

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Observations of Singapore

October 12, 2015

I recently visited Singapore. It has been over 15 years since my last visit. Or maybe more. I forget. Anyway, besides the haze that followed us everywhere, here are a few observations of Singapore : 1. Cleanliness – it is amazingly clean in Singapore. Public areas and toilets are meticulously clean. And when you’re in [...]

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Jazz and drinks

October 11, 2015

What happens if you like Jazz, but you don’t drink. In fact, you really like Jazz and you only drink water. This brings you to two options 1) You go to a really nice jazz bar, perfect ambiance, live bands playing and you order sparkling water. 2) You turn the volume up on iTunes, and [...]

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Almost there!

October 11, 2015

Finally! The house is complete and the move is done! Isn’t so exciting to move into a new home, and the stress of unpacking every single thing you own from your tiny lil home to a home that has more space that you would ever know what to do with it? I think for me, [...]

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Proven! Sugar is bad!

September 16, 2015

And so I have read that all kinds of sugar, be it cane sugar, honey, or whatever sugar source, they are all just sugar. Made up of the same components, but named differently, our bodies react to it the same way. It does not matter how fancy the name is, it is still bad for [...]

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Making music

September 15, 2015

One of my kids, have shown quite a lot of interest, in producing music. He makes up beats, and sounds and tries to record them. He’s even looked at the production team where my brother is working, and just watches quietly and observes what they do. As they are using the avid pro tools express, [...]

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