I believe this 100%. Not because of scaremongering stories that make its way through my heart, via online travel news. But, simply because when shit hits the fan, there’s not much you will know to do, unless someone is actually guiding you to do what’s right. I sincerely don’t believe the travel insurance companies are there to take your money and sit quietly. I am quite a loyal girl, and one thing about loyalty is where I buy my travel insurance from . And I usually buy it for a whole year, and it actually saves you alot of money if you do that. Best thing, the insurer I go for, has kids are insured for free!

Anyway, I’m not earning anything from this, but if you really want to know who I buy it from? It’s .

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The set up

by mott on October 21, 2016

What I really love about BSF is how seamless the classes are. Most class members are not aware that the entire thing is made up of volunteers. Some of us have zero knowledge and some of us, know perhaps about 50% of what needs to be done. But, every single one of us, learn on the job, from setting up speaker stands, to ushering of people. Trust me, when you’re trying to usher people to sit closer to the stage, there’s alot of gracious directing going on.

Anyway, the best part is… most people always think we have it easy, by standing around and chatting with them. I do agree that, that’s the best part. By having that 1-5 min fellowship with others, and praying for them, is God-given.

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Of Parenting

October 20, 2016

Much has been said of a recent story where a young 11 year old Singaporean boy committed suicide because he failed a number of subjects during the PLSE. The moment I read it, I felt so sad. Just the headlines itself, made me really troubled within. The mother was reported to have said something that [...]

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Gosh, Goodness, Fish and Fudge

October 19, 2016

As you can see, all those words mean something. The one difference is ‘Gosh’, actually, is like an exclamation word. Like ‘Sigh’. Goodness, of course, is a word on its own.. and also a euphemism replace ‘God’. Just like ‘Gosh’. Which leads me to ask… is saying Gosh or Goodness as a euphemism to replace [...]

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Carrying on

October 18, 2016

Last night one of my friends was carrying on about going shopping online for a new guitar. He checked out, and then googled for reviews for each guitar he liked, whilst looking out for a good deal. I patiently listened to him while he went on and on and on about it. When he [...]

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Sick like a dog

October 15, 2016

But yet, the wicked never rests. Do they? I have been so sick.. coughing my shits out.. (sorry, didn’t mean it literally but when you cough so much, you’d think your organs might just burst out of your body). Unfortunately, I have no one who can pick up the slack. So, I still go to [...]

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Johnny works with one hammer one hammer..

October 1, 2016

Today, I worked with one hammer. Yes, to build a robot. For little Johnny. Little Johnny, is in love with robots, aliens and if he wasn’t normal, I would wonder if he was on the spectrum. There, I was pounding the bloody nails into wood pieces, that inevitably split simply because the nails were of [...]

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Mother is angry with me

April 15, 2016

*glups* She thinks I killed her rosemary planting. She got a new plant and I had advised her to water it and make sure it stays moist. Because it has been super hot at where she’s at, she did religiously. I think that killed it. Moist root… too moist. And now, she’s not talking to [...]

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The holiday prep

April 11, 2016

We are into our second week of school holidays. In this Easter break, my aim was to be super productive. That meant, less time online – yes, that includes wasting time on Facebook (curses!). That worked really well in fact. In the first week, I achieved a whole heap of things that I thought would [...]

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Zootopia – My take

April 10, 2016

As it was nearing the end of the holidays (yay!), my ritual is to take the boys to the movies, simply because it means less kids in the cinemas, as everyone has rushed in to see the latest blockbusters earlier in the start of holidays. Yay me! I’m so clever – hee hee.. Anyway, my [...]

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