The awkward moment

by mott on January 18, 2015

*took a deep breath in .. and held it there*

There it was. The moment had come. The awkward moment.

Y’know the moment, where you’re there, with your son, watching something on TV (well… on iTunes), and a sex scene comes up. There was absolutely nothing I could do, except to quickly pause it…but by then it was wayyyyy too late.

*hangs head down low*

Oh boy..that was so awkward. No.1 gave me a really uncomfortable “heh!”.. and ran off. He was all giggly and embarrassed and I was mortified to say the least. I had to dig up courage from the pits of my stomach, which didn’t smell too good, and go to him to have a chat about what he just saw.

Now.. he’s going off to high school this year. I would think he actually knows about the birds and the bees. Given also, he has had sex-ed last, I would think he knew what it was all about. Plus, I think I already explained much earlier how babies are made, and why we must ALWAYS respect girls.

So, off I went… to his room. I sat next to him, and asked how he felt about what he just saw.


Yup, yup yup.. mum too. Yup..mum too!

But you know.. sometimes in shows, they include those scenes because it’s part of a story?

“Yes, mum”

Yup, yup, yup.. *eyes rolling up* not knowing where to look now.

And so… that doesn’t mean, it’s normal to do that anywhere y’know.

“Yes, mum”

Yup, yup, yup… wokayyyy so, we’re good here, eh?

“Yes, mum”


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The dream kitchen

by mott on January 14, 2015

I’m living vicariously! Through a friend, who is building her house, and has free rein on how her kitchen should look.

It was such an honour that she had asked how it should look like. I came across this site, and was really excited that I could forward to her all these ideas. Some of it are so amazing! I never knew kitchen reorganisation was so serious!

Did you see the pull up tray for the kitchen aid? That was amazing! The only concern I would have was that if you were mixing something and the mixer shook like hell… the fall, wouldn’t be a pretty sight.

But, otherwise.. everything else about was AMAZING!

What a dream. A very nice dream indeed!

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Je voudrais du cafe, s’il vous plait

January 11, 2015

Merci Erm…. 6 words in french. Not bad, eh? I also know “Je voudrais du vin, s’il vous plait”. But, I don’t really drink vin, so.. may not be so applicable to me. Ah well… Till next time! Au revoir! Viewed 4190 times by 921 viewers

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True Story : A Murderous Rampage

January 9, 2015

I just finished a very murderous rampage. Between the screams of “DIE! DIE! DIE!” and squeals of “EEEEEEEEEEEEEE”, a true manifest of “Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde” came out of nowhere! I have been planning this for a long time. I gathered all the necessary tools, read up more on the internet. And then some [...]

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Dear Dec 2015

January 1, 2015

By now, you would be a year older. I wonder… what would you have achieved by then? Let’s see.. in 2014, these amazing things happened : 1. I got a job. A proper job that paid me regularly. 2. I got qualified to work. Proper certifications that lifted my game in applying for a job. [...]

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Top 5 tips for a smooth ebay transaction (with bonus tip!!!)

December 11, 2014

Despite what everyone says about eBay being too biased, or greedy or whatever, eBay is unfortunately, a set marketplace that is very hard to ignore. The success rate of selling any shit rubbish thing on this site, is way higher than going it on your own – especially if you are starting out. However, no [...]

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Top 5 Kitchen Storage Hacks

December 7, 2014

Having had the pleasure (ahem!) in re-organising my kitchen countless of times, not because I’m crazy OCD and have a need for law and order within the pantry, it’s mostly out of forcible need. Either I can’t find anything, or I have bought too much! I have here, accumulated a number of kitchen storage hacks [...]

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No tree

December 2, 2014

Opps. Dec 1 has come and gone. I hv yet to put up anything. Problem is.. I don’t know if I should, because I may have to take it down again. Ah.. the problems of inconsistent sheens and dust / grit stuck on finishings. What a nightmare this year has been. Nothing but dramas here [...]

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Costings of a new chapter

December 2, 2014

While it is exciting to be figuring out how this new chapter will be turning out, it is an expensive story. I spent over an hour, online trying to look for cheaper textbooks and supplies, just so we can save that bit of money here and there. It’s interesting how all these accumulate and even [...]

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The next 6 years

December 2, 2014

Wow… a new chapter is soon to be opening, and it will be another 6 more years, before a new chapter begins for No.1 With high school, he is now faced with choices of what he wants to do. Will he take up music and perhaps try the Saxophone for Jazz? Or, he goes the [...]

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