Kindness begets kindness

by mott on September 15, 2014

In this world, one never expects anything out of being kind. But, today.. the unexpected happened.

So, I was on the road. I was recalling what I wrote in my earlier post. You know.. Be Kind, Rewind? Well, one of it was to just be courteous on the road. And I decided to to be. I let several cars cut into my lane (not that I never did earlier.. I was one of those that was driving on a mission, not caring if you wanted to cut in or not). So, then I noticed that on the right lane, this fancy fast car was stuck behind this very heavy looking trailer.

And it was signalling. Because my lane wasn’t exactly moving fast, I decided to slow down considerably, giving him a gap to fit. He stayed on his lane for a long time, because my lane was going just as slow as his.

Anyway, eventually, the car in front of me moved up slightly, and he had noticed this gap..and he swooped in.

What he did next was so unexpected, I burst out laughing and waved OK!

He stuck out his arm out of his car window and gave me a very enthusiastic THANK YOU wave!

Wasn’t that just so nice of him?

Thank you, driver. I thought I could make your day, but turns out you made my day! :)

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Be Kind, Rewind

by mott on September 13, 2014

And rewind the kindness, as in do it again and again and again and again.

Expect nothing in return, except to say – pay it forward.

Did you know that kindness can increase your level of happiness. And I’m not talking about being the receiving end. More often it’s the giving end, that receives more happiness. How can you be kind?

Easy. Here’s 5 easy steps :

1. If you have a family, start from there. Always start from Family. Pretend you’re the family dog – if you notice, dogs are always so happy to see their owners. Smile at them, greet them with much love, and listen to every word they say. Listening is such a hard thing to do, because it involves so many parts of your brain.

2. Take in the bins for your neighbour. I don’t know why… but it’s always nice to see your bins already in, after a very long day at work

3. Mow your neighbour’s lawn. Well.. if you can, why not? Plus, mowing actually helps burn off some stress. It’s always always nice to see short haired lawns. You don’t really see the weeds anymore – because they are all green. LOL

4. Pay for someone’s toll, coffee, muffin, y’know..something that doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg. This very unexpected surprise will – and I guarantee you, make their day.

5. Be extremely courteous on the road. I say that because more often than not, we are so short tempered once we get behind the wheel (Trust me, I’m one of those).. so it’s nice to just give way, even if the other person doesn’t acknowledge it.. just know that you’ve blessed them by saving them a few seconds off their travel time.

That’s it. Simple, eh?

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