Mother is angry with me

by mott on April 15, 2016


She thinks I killed her rosemary planting. She got a new plant and I had advised her to water it and make sure it stays moist.

Because it has been super hot at where she’s at, she did religiously.

I think that killed it.

Moist root… too moist.

And now, she’s not talking to me. Well, not whatsapping as much.


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The holiday prep

by mott on April 11, 2016

We are into our second week of school holidays. In this Easter break, my aim was to be super productive. That meant, less time online – yes, that includes wasting time on Facebook (curses!). That worked really well in fact. In the first week, I achieved a whole heap of things that I thought would take longer to complete, but it didn’t. However, I finished the week, fairly exhausted.

Now that we are in the second week, I’m wondering if I should slow it down, or keep going with the same speed. So far, I’ve been able to do a fair bit today, tomorrow will be a challenge, and perhaps I should consider just taking it easy tomorrow for once. Wed and Thurs will be on full throttle again, as I must organise myself for the coming 10 weeks of school. Full prep of freezing lunches. One of which is pasta.. and the other, I was thinking was homemade sausage rolls. Should I consider making those? I just need to cook it for 20 minutes in the oven.. which means…. which means…. I need to make sure I put it in the oven, before I go for my walk, and then make sure I take them out to cool. At least this way, I can alternate between pasta and rolls. Hopefully boys won’t get too bored.

Here is the menu :

Monday – sushi

Tuesday – sausage rolls

Wednesday – Pasta

Thursday – Fried Rice/Fried Maggi

Friday – wraps

It used to be

Monday – wraps

Tuesday – Fried Vermicelli

Wednesday – Pasta

Thursday – Fried Rice

Friday – Fried Maggi

Gone are those days, when I can prep freshly cooked meals. I got to look at more ideas of easy to prep school lunches.

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Zootopia – My take

April 10, 2016

As it was nearing the end of the holidays (yay!), my ritual is to take the boys to the movies, simply because it means less kids in the cinemas, as everyone has rushed in to see the latest blockbusters earlier in the start of holidays. Yay me! I’m so clever – hee hee.. Anyway, my [...]

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April 2, 2016

Today, one thing stood out. Mark, my First Aid trainer said, “Please, always be prepared. Don’t go into an area, where you know there’ll be snakes and not be prepared for it. Walk, and make some noise. Always be prepared”. Just like a boy scout. But, only most people aren’t prepared. Not because they don’t [...]

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Going straight into Autumn!

March 24, 2016

We are finally going straight into Autumn! Not that I didn’t like summer, but what I do find, is that I take a long time to assimilate to the warmer season. While I do not enjoy washing so many layers of clothes, I do enjoy layering them on. Ha ha.. I do like the feeling [...]

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The quiet ones

March 22, 2016

It’s so funny, when the quiet ones are the most outgoing when the mood is right. Isn’t it? For almost two months now, this little individual always enjoyed the quiet time, playing with connectors, blocks and cars, on his own without the need to interact with anyone. Then one day, he was asked what kind [...]

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The Sick

March 20, 2016

A few days ago, I was sick. I don’t get sick that often, and when I was sick, I didn’t even realise it. I did notice, I had to go to the toilet a fair bit. I noticed that it was rather unusual and felt slightly odd. Just slightly. But I did the usual things. [...]

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I want..

February 14, 2016

The power of these 2 little words. I want. Ever heard a kid say, “I WANT!”? Ever seen how persistent they are when they say that? You know why??? Because their brain makes them believe that they will get what they WANT! And that! Ladies and Gentlemen, is the key to getting what you want. [...]

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It’s a wrap!

February 13, 2016

You know… my kids, in a way, are lucky little people. Everyday, they get really good lunches. I’ve seen some really thrown together lunches (not judging, just wondering how crackers for lunch, fill up a child), but my kids, it’s all freshly made. I’ve been getting really fedup of sandwiches, mainly because the bread sometimes, [...]

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Review : The Family Law, so far.

February 12, 2016

Yes….. I’ll do a review on this series, after watching only 5 episodes of it. I expected to learn more about this family, but till episode 5, I have no clue why the mother did what she did. Quick recap : This is a brand new series on SBS, highlighting an asian family growing up [...]

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