Despite what everyone says about eBay being too biased, or greedy or whatever, eBay is unfortunately, a set marketplace that is very hard to ignore. The success rate of selling any shit rubbish thing on this site, is way higher than going it on your own – especially if you are starting out.

However, no matter what… do follow these top 5 tips to maintain a level of professionalism that no one can ever dispute :

1. Be totally considerate and courteous. No matter what the problem is.. it’s never ok to set in stone your fury and anger, that is only going to be temporary. This goes both ways – buyers and sellers

2. Know that there will be scammers out there. If they can scam the friend next door, they can scam you. Good thing about eBay is that you can immediately report this type of incident, and it gets harder for scammers to re-establish new eBay accounts.

3. Never ever threaten to leave a negative feedback. Relates to point No.1, but I will go into detail here.  This veiled threat does not bode well, with eBay if you unreasonably request for a refund, discount or whatever, by threatening to leave a negative feedback. Did you know sellers too can reply to your feedback, and this CAN NEVER BE DELETED? So… rethink your strategies esp if you want to have the last word in.

4. Pretend this is a transaction with a big retailer – eg ; Target. If you bought something from Target, and want to return it, you obviously will pay for the cost of returning it (driving, parking – all this is time and money), and having that product unused or at least, intact without having you prying it open to see if a rat’s eaten the cords. If you want your money back… please ensure that it is returned intact. There is just no way any retailer in this world will accept a returned good if it’s been wrecked open. Similarly, there is NO WAY in this world will a retailer ever pay you the cost of repair OR your petrol cost, if you decided to hire a professional to repair the faulty product.

5. Do everything via eBay messaging. Never take it offline. No one will hear you scream and shout if you took it offline.
BONUS TIP!!! If you have a damaged/faulty item, please don’t get offended if the seller asks for verification of further proof – take a video, take a photo – show them proof. They are not after your credibility!!!!! They just want to see for themselves if the product is really damaged and/or faulty!!! Take your princess attitude to someone else who really cares!!!!!!

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Top 5 Kitchen Storage Hacks

by mott on December 7, 2014

Having had the pleasure (ahem!) in re-organising my kitchen countless of times, not because I’m crazy OCD and have a need for law and order within the pantry, it’s mostly out of forcible need.

Either I can’t find anything, or I have bought too much!

I have here, accumulated a number of kitchen storage hacks which may be a little unconventional, but hey! it works!

1. Using those trays for vege and fruits, to store your jams, sauces, bottled stuff – this pull out idea helps you immediately see what you have, and know that you don’t have to buy extra because you already have it there! But what about your vege n fruits then? Go to No.2 for veges. No3 for fruits

2. Store veges in cotton cloth bags, as this helps them last longer. Plus keeping them outside helps you see what you have, and buy more efficiently!

3. You can keep fruits in a glass bowl on one of the shelves. Y’know..those fruit glass bowls? Just place on in your fridge – no one said it should be just on your table/counter tops, looking pretty! AGAIN! You get to see what you have, and buy just enough!

4. Using small-ish dishracks, to store your lids/covers. Instead of buying expensive lid/cover holders, get some inexpensive dishracks instead!

5. Look at desk drawer shelves – the ones that sit on top of your table, If you can find any cheap ones around, use them to store packets/knick knacks/baking stuff, anything that you can fit them into – according to your cooking needs – baking, ready sauces, etc. I would imagine places like Daiso, Reject Shop or Kmart would have those cheap ones.

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No tree

December 2, 2014

Opps. Dec 1 has come and gone. I hv yet to put up anything. Problem is.. I don’t know if I should, because I may have to take it down again. Ah.. the problems of inconsistent sheens and dust / grit stuck on finishings. What a nightmare this year has been. Nothing but dramas here [...]

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Costings of a new chapter

December 2, 2014

While it is exciting to be figuring out how this new chapter will be turning out, it is an expensive story. I spent over an hour, online trying to look for cheaper textbooks and supplies, just so we can save that bit of money here and there. It’s interesting how all these accumulate and even [...]

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The next 6 years

December 2, 2014

Wow… a new chapter is soon to be opening, and it will be another 6 more years, before a new chapter begins for No.1 With high school, he is now faced with choices of what he wants to do. Will he take up music and perhaps try the Saxophone for Jazz? Or, he goes the [...]

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English vs English

December 1, 2014

Truly, I tell you, I speak two very different English Languages. I’m not talking about slang or colloquialism. It’s really plain simple English. But it is the English that is heavily peppered with terms, conditions and rules. Yes, you know when you buy something new, or engage a service, you are given this very plain [...]

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Life stress = Life blessings

November 20, 2014

It’s weird, but more than often, events that can stress us out, more than often just turns into a blessing. Or maybe it’s just me being a half full glass girl. Or maybe a barely empty glass girl – and just happy to have something in the glass. Taking that last sip, is just more [...]

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My own birthday gift

November 20, 2014

Hold on to your horses.. it’s not my birthday yet. but it’s the best birthday present I’m going to gift to myself. Yes, my very own self. After 40 over years (so sad to hear this number, but it’s just a number), I’ve decided to really splurge on myself. MY VERY OWN SELF, which I [...]

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The little concert

November 13, 2014

No.3 will be having his little concert soon. He’s lucky..being No.3. Way back then, when No.1 had his concert, they didn’t have much. The school has grown and expanded quite a fair bit, since then..and they have so many resources now. For concerts, they have a stage, drumsets, musical instruments, Effects Pedals, sound systems..and air [...]

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Being Lazy

October 25, 2014

Sometimes, I wonder… is it so bad, being lazy? Well, for one, I can’t be lazy. I can be lazy for half a day, but to be lazy all the time would be impossible. Just that lately, I’ve been doing so much, I wonder… how bad can it be, if I just dropped everything and [...]

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