Fe + Mg + C8H10N4O2

by mott on October 30, 2016

Ah haaaaaaa!

Bet you didn’t know that! Hah!

Ok.. what’s going on? I took all three on Friday morning. And the C8H10N4O2, was after 11.30am. which is very bad for me. I usually take Fe and Mg as part of my morning breakfast. Well, Fe, just every 3 days, but Mg is the norm now. Getting old my friends, getting old.
I never take Coffee after 11.30am because I  know, this doesn’t work well when 10pm hits. I just cannot sleep well. I usually knock out real quick and real dead. Well, guess what? I had so much energy, and quite luckily too, because one of the kinder kids needed my extra strength. And then I came home and did a whole heap of gardening for my SIL. I pulled up dead trees, chopped up branches, weeded.. I tell ya.. I WAS ON FIRE!!!!!!!!

And yes, I couldn’t get a good night’s sleep! Darn that Caffeine!

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