One day in his life

by mott on October 26, 2016

As my teenager adds on another year to his age, I often wish I could have a Truman moment. Just for one day. Just him in school, within his element. To see what’s life like for him.

I once stumbled upon his personality in primary school. I was walking through the entrance of the school and heard a loud commanding voice, bossing other kids around. Surprisingly, it sounded so much like No. 1. I paused for a moment, wondering could it be this boy who does not speak at home, would be loud at school? I peeked and indeed it was him.

I kept this to myself. It was like a secret moment, I just wanted to cherish. In a way, I was glad he wasn’t a quiet mousey boy.

He was just a quiet, cool kinda guy, where nothing much fazes him. Who may or may not be still bossing his friends around.

Who knows?

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