Gosh, Goodness, Fish and Fudge

by mott on October 19, 2016

As you can see, all those words mean something. The one difference is ‘Gosh’, actually, is like an exclamation word. Like ‘Sigh’.

Goodness, of course, is a word on its own.. and also a euphemism replace ‘God’. Just like ‘Gosh’.

Which leads me to ask… is saying Gosh or Goodness as a euphemism to replace ‘God’, not appropriate. Because saying Oh My God, itself is very inappropriate and quite disrespectful, if one believes in God. I have been led to understand that if you say Fish or Fudge, instead of the actual F word, it’s considered, a big No-No. Because it directly implies that you meant the F word.

Does that apply here?

Oh..and by the way.. is ‘shits’ really a bad word?


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