Sick like a dog

by mott on October 15, 2016

But yet, the wicked never rests. Do they? I have been so sick.. coughing my shits out.. (sorry, didn’t mean it literally but when you cough so much, you’d think your organs might just burst out of your body). Unfortunately, I have no one who can pick up the slack. So, I still go to work, go to meetings, and do every single thing around here. I think that bit just sucks big time.

Sometimes, I wonder why we need men in this world… until I saw this rather strange flick on netflix. Maybe it’s because I was sick like a dog, that it was a strange flick. Anyway, it’s called “No men beyond this”.. or something like that. You are perfectly welcome to google it.

Men were just not allowed to work, or contribute professionally. The only thing they were allowed to do is, housekeeping and babysitting.

I had to turn off the tv, after 15 minutes into the show, because it was just so weird. One girl was scolding an old man, for standing there and chatting with his old man friend.

Much as I like girl power… I think I prefer equal power more.

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