Big Fat Tears

by mott on November 23, 2011

Everytime I think about it..big fat tears do come rolling down. We can’t move back by December. The repairs on the floors is taking longer than expected..and the fact that I can’t put up my Xmas tree on the first weekend of Dec, is making me really sad.

And I have been taking it out on the kids. I feel even crappier about this.

We will have to move out of my SIL’s house..and into another home, as she will be back from her holiday soon. I’m just glad that we took out home insurance and everything will be paid for. That’s why it is so important that you get insurance, even if all you own is a motorhome. Best to get a motorhome insurance, than to have zero compensation, if anything were to happen.

It is very depressing.. I can’t even find the Lego Advent calender, because the entire house is in a mess. We have been opening the Lego Advent Calender on the first day of December, for three years now. Sigh..

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