Made for Ali

by mott on June 27, 2011


I made this for a Teacher we have to farewell this Friday. I think I have been very lucky this far, to have met with a lot of dedicated teachers. I think my kids are a lucky lot…even though they might not know it. The ones that have taught them have been strict, but fair and very kind. I always make it a point at the end of the year, to give them something from the heart. This time, it will be earlier as she will be leaving the school to complete her studies AND have a baby. I’m not sure if she’ll accomplish the first one, but the second one will definitely be accomplished whether she likes it or not.

It’s not hard to make this. I saw this on Pinterest, and was immediately taken by it. The rainbow colour did it for me. My favourite colours are the rainbow colours. I found the frame, discounted. Crayons, heavily discounted. The only expensive item was actually the white cardboard. That cost a fair penny. But.. all in all, less than AUD$10. Not bad. Took me a whole week of nights to complete this… had to do this in ‘top secret’ mode…I could not let my preppy into it OR he would blab this surprise out to her. I’m ETERNALLY grateful to have a husband who is into craft and has alot of his supplies/tools lying around for me.

I could not just do an A (which is the first alphabet of her name).. I had to insert the names of all her students, for remembrance. She has managed to teach my son to read! I don’t know how…but after 2 terms, my boy knows most of the 100 words, and is reading simple books. Something I don’t think I could do on my own! And with 22 other students too ~ one of whom is autistic as well! She’s a real wonder woman..and so young too (well, not that young.. but anyone younger than me, is young.)

I’m not sure if she’ll be happy to receive this. I can’t control how she feels. But I can control how I feel..and I felt awfully happy doing this, awfullly happy with the end product..and awfully happy giving it away to her. I think she deserves it. And a whole lot more.

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