Bad Backache and Memory Foam Mattresses

by mott on May 3, 2010

I’ve been experiencing a whole lotta backache ever since my 2nd delivery. They say that epidural causes long term backaches, and but I’m not sure it’s a proven fact. It could be the several types of mattresses and pillows I’ve slept on. They aren’t exactly memory foam mattresses, but I do try to get the hardest mattress type I can.I know that soft mattresses and pillows really give me a baaaad backache. The hardest mattress I had, gave me minimal backpain, but ever since I got here, I’ve been sleeping on an ikea mattress, and it sure hurts to get up every single morning. The only saving grace, is that my pillow is pretty hard, which helps reduce the backache.

Problem is, mattresses like memory foam mattresses is really expensive and I really need to think hard if we were to change our mattresses. Firstly, getting rid of mattresses here is not easy. Not everybody wants a 2nd hand mattress. Although there is a huge market for 2nd hand (or preloved) items, mattresses are actually bottom of the list. Then again, not sure if memory foam mattresses are on that list, but I’m pretty sure that ikea mattresses are bottom of that list.

Sigh… If only there was the ’tilam-tilam’(old/new mattresses) guy here. These guys are pretty good in recycling old mattresses and would gladly take it off me.

What about you guys? Women with kids, in particular… do you experience back pain frequently after child-birth (with epidural)?

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